Once in a blue moon

Almost two years ago, my wife was in the labor and delivery area of the hospital for something like 36 hours before our son was born... But, lightning isn't supposed to strike the same place twice, is it?

The never-ending rope

What needs to be done is different for everyone, but we have to find it. The world isn't what we'd like it to be right now, but it's still there waiting when we close our eyes.

Waiting on words

I waited on these words for all this time, and they still don't feel like enough. I don't know if there is an eloquent way to talk about the pain and emotional exhaustion I'm feeling when it's secondary to what is being experienced by people I love.

Double dosage

No matter what the reason may be, at the end of the day, it's always worth getting the help you need; You are deserving of getting the help you need.

12 month regression

If I was going to work through this sucker punch of inadequate feelings as a father, I was also going to have to prioritize my mental health for other aspects of my daily life too.


I was finding it hard to balance feelings of hopefulness and excitement about particular jobs with the reality that I didn't, and couldn't, know for sure what would happen.

(Co) Dependent

You'd think at 7.5 months my son would be able to wrap his head around how his behavior affects me, but here we are. Kids, right??

I don’t know what else to do right now, so I’ll write.

I'm not feeling great tonight. I thought I was in the clear last week once I had my self-care day. Instead, I ended up getting some sort of manageable-but-unpleasant viral infection on the same day. In other words, I transitioned directly from feeling mentally unwell to feeling physically unwell. I thought I was in the …

Fire drill

Over the years, treatment has served as a psychological fire drill. I talk things out and discuss strategies in therapy so that I'm prepared when the next depressive episode comes around.